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Girlschool performing Demolition Boys, at their rehearsal room in London.

This recording is just a part of a feature on Wolfgang Bülds 1980 documentary film about female bands in England and Germany called "Girls bite back".


In 1980 Girlschool release their debut album "Demolition" through Bronze records. "Emergency" is still one of Girlschool most popular songs.


The album ´Hit and Run´ also produced by Vic Maile was released in April and went gold in Canada. A sellout tour of the U.K., shows with Rush and a Friday night headline slot at Reading Festival followed. while the album reached pos.5 on UK Album charts.

A series of videos for "Hit and Run" were released using the same formula as the Motorhead videos from Bronze releases, one example is their video for the single C'mon Lets go.

Play Dirty was recorded and released in 1983, it presents the band with a more American sound. It was the last album released by the band during the Bronze years.


In 1982 Original vocalist and Bass player Enid Williams left the band, before her departure the band released the "Wildlife" EP which contained the single Don't Call it Love also present as the opening track for their third album ´Screaming Blue Murder which produced by another legend Nigel Grey who produced such bands as The Police and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The video on the left is a live TV performance.


Live Videos

On the left: Live in Clisson, France June 17, 2012 at the famous Hellfest Festival mainstage.

On the right: Live at Nosturi venue in Helsinki 09.27.2013 great venue and atmosphere.

On the left: Live at Hard Rock Hell Festival 2014 Wales, UK mainstage.


A Small Collection of videos from festivals,

tours and videoclips throughout their career

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Kim McAuliffe

Lead Vocals and Guitars

Enid Williams

Lead Vocals and Bass

Jackie Chambers

Lead Guitars and Backing Vocals

Denise Dufort


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